Brad Weber

Brad Weber – Warrenville, IL

I started seeing Dr. Dan Rasper in Dec. 2013. After 40 years as a rough frame carpenter my back was in need of relief from the everyday pain that I was experiencing. I have been to other chiropractors but never was the pain relieved, only subsided. What Dr. Dan has accomplished for me has been wonderful. To wake up every morning with no damage and pain in my back is outstanding! The work load is easier because my back is able to withstand more stress and does not become fatigued by the end of the day. I highly recommend Dr. Dan Rasper if you are looking for a competent chiropractor with years of experience. Thank you Dr. Dan!



Donna Walk  Fairfield Glade, TN

My name is Donna Walk. Last Spring, I couldn’t walk or even put weight on my left foot. It was extremely painful, and it was affecting my quality of life. I even had to send my husband out to do the shopping!
I initially went to see an orthopedic foot specialist in a local clinic. I was told there were no interventions nor any treatment options available to me. I would need to live with it.
This was not how I wanted to live.
I was up visiting a friend and she suggested I visit her neighbor who is a chiropractor. Dr. Rasper began treating my foot with adjustments and a combination of ultrasound and laser treatments. Within a week, I was able to walk on it again!
I visited my neighbor, and Dr. Rasper, a few times over the next 6 months, and I am able to walk much longer distances. I can shop again, much to the dismay of my husband.
Thank you Dr. Rasper!


Ruth Hennig

Ruth H. Montgomery, IL

I have been Dr. R‘s patient for more than 5 years. He has helped me recover from back problems that occur just from fatigue and over-use as well as from an auto accident and a fall.
I especially appreciate his willingness to listen and discuss what is going on and how I feel in specific areas of my back. He has helped me problem solve what I am doing that makes pain recur and what I can do to stay healthy.
He uses multiple processes to treat both muscle and bone issues and get me back to full functioning. I really appreciate all of his help.

Betsy Gamlin


Betsy Gamlin, MS, RN  Wheaton

I happened to be sitting at my friends house talking to her about my right shoulder and how painful it was. It was impacting my ability to exercise and sleep. Her husband , who has been a friend of ours for over 10 years and a chiropractor came in to say hello in between patients. He picked up on the end of our conversation and asked if he could work on my shoulder. By time he was done, ( in less than 5 minutes), my shoulder felt remarkably better. Dr. Dan Rasper is a very skilled chiropractor who was instrumental in helping me regain the full use of my shoulder.
Thanks Dan for your holistic practice!!

Diana Uchiyama


Diana Uchiyama, Wheaton

Just wanted to tell the world what an amazing Chiropractor Dr. Dan Rasper is. He has been so helpful in keeping me and my daughter healthy and we feel blessed to know him. My daughter is a competitive softball player who was diagnosed several years ago with a spinal condition. He has been instrumental in keeping her spine healthy and flexible so that she can continue to play softball. He has been so willing to adjust his schedule to see her, especially when she is struggling physically, and is always looking for new techniques to improve her functioning. She remains eternally grateful to him and recognizes how important his care has been in allowing her to perform optimally.
As an avid equestrian, I myself, cannot imagine how I would manage without regular chiropractic care from Dr. Dan. Having had injuries in the past to both my neck and my hip, I also credit my ability to ride my horses 5-6 times a week to Dr. Dan’s skills and dedicated care. He has managed to adjust my spine, neck and hip on a regular basis which allows me to ride as much as I want with little to no pain. I am grateful for his help and consistent care. He continues to suggest different techniques to increase my flexibility and decrease pain levels so that I will be able to ride my horses into old age.
Not only are his skill levels amazing, he is such a nice person and he makes every visit to the doctor an enjoyable and fun experience. I know that if we ever have an injury, Dr. Dan will be there to minimize our suffering through quality care and treatment. We recommend him to anyone looking for the best Chiropractor with a heart of gold!!
Diana Uchiyama, Wheaton


Doug Wicks

Doug Wicks, Wheaton

 My back went out on me years ago while watching my daughter’s softball game at a local park. The pain was so intense that it took me forever to get to my car. It was late on a Saturday afternoon I thought I was in for a long and painful weekend. Fortunately, my chiropractor and friend, Dan Rasper’s home office was on the way to my house and I since I had nothing to lose I called him from my cell. Thankfully, his wife Deb answered the phone and said that yes, Dan was there but that he was out in the garden and that she would go get him. When Dan reached the phone and heard my situation he said to come on by and that he would be happy to help me, he then asked me where I was and when I would be there. I told him that I was already in his drive way and that he needed to come and help me out of the car since I couldn’t get out on my own. Dan was surprised that I was calling from his driveway but not nearly as surprised as I was when I saw Dan rounding his garage, portable phone to his ear and covered in dirt and sweat from working in his garden. He apologized and said that he would be back in a few minutes after washing up and I told him not to bother, I begged him to help me out of the car and work on me immediately. Twenty minutes later I walked out of Dan’s home pain free, I knew then that I had found my chiropractor for life. I have seen Dan off and on for years when my back needs adjusting; he is always available on short notice and never fails to get me back on my feet quickly. The good news is that I haven’t needed an adjustment in more than 6 years; the bad news is that I don’t get to see a good friend very often but when I do we pick right back up where we left off. Thanks Dan